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Tata Steel Europe

Creative ideation / Web design / design system

Tata Steel is the world’s leader in manufacturing sustainable steel. Their European website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and didn’t communicate to the world who they are and what they are achieving. They also had several sites of other areas of the company that they wanted to combine so they offered one consistent experience.


They needed a flexible website template and design system that could be used across all pages and areas of the business.

Creative Concept:

We wanted to make sure their new site aligned with their brand messaging and strategy. After learning about their business and working with our strategy team, the concept I presented showed how steel is woven into the fabrics of our lives, it showed large zoomed-in photos of steel, then zoomed-out images of people using it every day in stadiums and buildings. The idea is that steel is all around us, and it isn’t just industrial and ugly, but by showing its beauty and usefulness in large photos it reminds the viewer of the value of steel. We also told the sustainability story of steel and how it can be melted down and reused over and over, so it is recycled forever.

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